Frequently asked Questions

Our pets are our children and our compassionate staff will do everything to make sure you feel confident and secure while they stay with us. Below are some FAQs that you might have when using our services:

What is your Cancellation Policy? Do you require a deposit for every stay?

We require a 24 hour notice during non peak periods and 48 hour notice during peak periods when cancelling your reservation. Cancellation of reservation within 24/48 hours from the morning of your scheduled arrival will result in a forfeiture of your deposit or a 50% of the reservation amount as cancellation fee.

What if I can’t make it during the set pick-up and drop-off times?

Depending on availability, we will attempt to accommodate your requests. However, if rooms are unavailable, you will be charged the half day care rate or full day care rate depending on time of pick up.

How are standard lodging charges calculated?

All lodging charges are applied daily similar to the way a hotel charges. Charges begin on the day of check-in. If you pick up your pet prior to the check out time on the scheduled day of departure, you will not be charged for that day.

Do you have any bathing requirements for a stay?

Basic grooming including daily brushing and a bath are included in your room charge and your pet will go home smelling fresh and looking clean. If you would like to indulge in special grooming services such as nail trimming and ear cleaning, please refer to your grooming services and book an appointment at the salon.

Do you have indoor/outdoor runs?

At Topdog, our guests enjoy indoor air conditioned suites for eating, resting, relaxing and watching TV for overnight stays. Each individual room has an accessible outdoor run where guests can play and run. Besides this, for their exercise we have large secure outdoor yards for potty and playtime including agility and training.

What kind of food do you provide for overnight stays? Can I bring my own food?

We are very particular about hygiene and safety and for these reasons we provide only the top of line premium kibble for our overnight guests. We do have a few options to choose from depending on whether it’s a puppy or a senior citizen. We do encourage you to bring your own food but our instructions must be followed. For their entire stay, their food should be correctly portioned out into zip lock bags labeled with their name, feeding instructions and time of meal. In case we run out of your food, we will switch to using our in house brand for your pet. If your pet does not like our in house kibble, we will try a variety of pre-packaged wet or dry foods. These additional food packages will be chargeable to you.

How much time does my dog get outside?

At Topdog, we believe in creating the best mentally and physically stimulating environment for your dog so that when do come back to their rooms they are happy and tired! Please refer to our schedule of activities (provide link to page) for our overnight guests and take a look at how much time they spend outdoors.

What happens if my pet gets ill or hurt while they are staying with you?

Should a situation arise when your pet requires medical attention, we will contact you on your emergency number. Before contacting your local veterinarian, our in house vet will assess the situation and in case of an emergency will treat your pet in coordination with your local vet. This is to prevent any delay in providing relief. All charges associated with this treatment will be billed to you.

I just got a new dog! Can I bring him in for a stay?

We can’t wait to meet your new family member! Let us know how we can help transition your new pup into your home and lifestyle. For lodging needs, we suggest giving your pup at least two weeks to get to bond with his new family before bringing him for his first overnight stay. Feel free to schedule daycare, training, spa and wellness services right away!

Are group play sessions supervised during daycare?

Yes. Our social playgroups are always supervised at all times by our experienced and knowledgeable animal attendees and supervisors.

What can I bring for daycare?

At Topdog, we provide your pet will all the comforts they need, you don’t need to bring anything. We can accommodate medication administration during daycare.

Can I add any of your extra services and indulgences to my dog’s day of daycare?

Absolutely! If you would like your dog to have extra playtime, a cuddle, extra grooming services or training during his daycare session, let us know at check in and we’ll schedule them for you! Click here to check out our service rate card.

Do you work with older dogs?

Of course! We work with dogs of all ages and will customize a program with you to meet your goals and needs. It is a myth that one cannot train older dogs. Older dogs simply require more time to break out from habits and trainings they have gone through.

What age can a dog begin training?

Your dog can begin training as early as 10 weeks old. They should have had their first round of vaccines before attending class.

What class do you suggest for my dog?

An excellent place to start is with a free training evaluation with our expert animal behaviourist Gautam Kari. During this evaluation your can work with us to customize and build a training plan to meet your goals and needs.

If I have multiple dogs can I bring more than one to a class?

You can bring multiple dogs to a class so long as you have additional handlers. There should only be one dog per handler.

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