Presidential Suite

Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeam Finds You, Dream a Little Dream at Topdog

Our luxurious rooms, each with its own private outdoor space, have a beautiful view of the property. Each room is closely monitored with CCTVs. Our boarding prices vary by the size and location of the room and the services offered.


Tariff : Starting from Rs. 2500
Top Dog taxi: Base Rate Rs. 100 + Rs.25 per KM


    • CCTV Monitoring: Rs. 100 for 10 mins (Complimentary for Presidential Suite)
    • Bed Time Bundle: Rs. 250 per night (Complimentary for Presidential Suite)
    • Extra Playtime: Rs. 100 for 20 mins
    • Teeth Brushing: Rs. 150 per day


Each of rooms includes the following perks and benefits

    • Scheduled activities including structured walks, training and agility, relaxation time in our splash pool as well as a chance to socialize with other guests
    • Free grooming to leave your pet looking fabulous upon pick up. For guests that stay for longer periods of time, basic grooming is done as and when required
    • Concierge service for any extra indulgences such as one on one training, grooming, massages, bedtime stories or extra playtime!
    • 2 potty breaks morning and evening
    • Complimentary meals twice a day which includes our in house food brand
    • Free Behavioural Analysis and consultation for treatment plans with our COO, Gautam Kari
    • LED TVs with a choice of movie selection
    • Our largest room which can house up to 3 dogs
    • Free Pick Up and Drop Off

    • Complimentary treats and snacks
    • Complimentary monitoring by our team to ensure that our guests are enjoying
    • Daily cleaning and disinfection of the rooms twice a day
    • Soothing music throughout the day
    • Air-conditioning
    • Private Outdoor Space
    • Personal attention by Gautam which includes high intensity socialization, control of nuisance behaviours and behavior modification
    • Full view of the exercise area and swimming pool
    • Free Pick Up and Drop Off
    • Extra one-on-one playtime
    • Bedtime Story and Goodies

Other Room Categories

At Topdog Luxury Pet Resorts, we have a variety of options to meet your pets’ needs. See our other room categories

Tariff : Starting from Rs. 1600

Tariff : Starting from Rs. 1500