Who’s Been a Naughty Boy?

At Topdog Luxury Pet Resorts, our team of international experts will analyse your pet and your situation and help to create a customized treatment plan to solve all your issues.


At TopDog, our talented and experienced team offers several training options for you and your pets to strengthen the bond you have with your canine companion. We understand the importance of behavioural training and obedience, hence our trainers use innovative techniques to solve problems related to fear and aggression as well as nuisance behaviours.

Personalised Trainings

We offer the following Training Programs

Private Training Sessions

A one-on-one session designed to teach you how to communicate with your pets effectively. This is perfect for those looking to solve specific nuisance behaviours and create strong leadership skills with their pets. It is highly effective for Dogs who are a bit more aggressive.

Duration: Minimum 1 Hour

Charges: Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 2,500 per Session

Puppy Pre-School

A perfect training program for puppies aged between 3 months & 8 months. Early training & socialization of puppies helps establish good habits & healthy relationships right from the start. This includes teaching your puppy manners and impulse control, nipping inhibition, social skills, house training and basic obedience skills.

Duration: 7 Sessions of Maximum 1 Hour each

Charges: Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 2,500 per Session

Basic Obedience Group Training Course

A group training course is excellent for dogs of all ages to learn to socialize with other people & dogs while learning how to communicate while working with distractions. It teaches your pets how to accept friendly strangers, walking through a crowd, coming when called, reactions to other dogs & distractions & much more!

Duration: Minimum 1 Hour

Charges: Rs. 5000/- for 3 days or Rs. 9000/- for 7 days

Private Training Sessions at Home

If you would like to schedule a private training session at home, we can send our experienced animal behaviourists to work on problems you face with your pet at home. This ranges from greeting guests at the door, reaction to strangers, stealing food off counters and much more.

Duration: Minimum 1 Hour

Charges: Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 3,500 /- per Session

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